Cloud computing is the future and one of the most flamboyant technological evolution witnessed in the field of technology. Cloud computing has seen the fastest adoption than any other technology in the domain. According to a survey by Right scale 2017, 95% of respondents are using cloud computing some or the other way.


Continuity of Internet is difficult without Cloud. Everything nowadays runs on cloud computing from companies to users everybody relies on cloud directly or indirectly. According to a recent report by Right Scale, companies now run 79% of their workloads in the cloud.  Of which, 41% of the workloads in public cloud and 38% in private cloud. However, the Hybrid cloud has seen an increase in enterprise implementation to 58% as compared to 55% in 2016.

Importance of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing helps in reducing a considerable amount of CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) & OPEX (Operational Expenditures) an organization does not need to invest in expensive hardware’s, storage devices, & software’s etc. and you only have to pay for the resources you utilize.

Elasticity & flexibility

Cloud computing enables you to reduce and increase your resources demands as per your requirements. For e.g. if you have heavy traffic on your site you can increase your resources and vice versa. Cloud computing gives you the flexibility to work from wherever you want and whenever you want all you require is an internet connection.

Auto Updating

Software updates and upgrades can be a painful thing cloud computing simplifies it for you as all the software maintenance and upgrades are looked after and regulated by your cloud service provider.

Increased collaboration

Cloud computing enables employees to work in a more collaborative and coordinated manner as all the data and information about the organization, & ongoing projects is available to every employee and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime which helps in reducing delays and increase productivity.

Agility & Speed

Time is the most crucial factor when it comes to decision-making and execution.  Cloud computing services have a very prompt and customer-centric SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). Cloud Service providers offer up to 99.99% uptimes which ensure continuous flow of business operations and executions.

Virtually every business sector is betting big on cloud. 9 out of 10 organizations are using at least one cloud application today. The above are all the factors which show the immense importance of cloud computing and its applications. I might be overstating, but believe it or not, it is difficult to imagine the Internet as a whole without the concept of cloud computing. It is quite evident as according to Forbes “Cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 attaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19%.” and numbers don’t lie 😊