Recently at Future Investment Initiative conference held in Saudi Arabia, an astonishing revelation was done by a Hongkong based company Hanson Robotics. A fully functional Artificial intelligence named Sophia has been granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia this is the first time in world history that a robot has been granted a countries citizenship right.

The interview was conducted by Andrew Sorkin from CNBC and the New York Times where he questioned Sophia about its/her intentions and motives towards humans and whether they are positive or negative to which Sophia very smartly replied taunting Elon Musk & Andrew Sorkin implying him of watching too many Hollywood movies 😊

Watch Sophia’s full presentation in the following video

Elon Musk has been quite outspoken about the potential threats that Artificial Intelligence holds for humanity he responded once again via twitter this is what he had to say

Elons tweet

Though there have been a lot of people who are skeptical that it’s moreover a publicity stunt but it is up to you to decide, what do you think about Sophia?